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By choosing Vinna Fitness, you get a team of proven, certified, and experienced  trainers. Each of our coaches works with clients one-on-one to learn health histories, goals, needs, and wants to build personal training programs for everyone. We work with you to teach you the proper techniques to reduce injuries, stay healthy, and help you on your way to feel and move better for life.

Today I am pain free and I recover faster!

I started working with Lani at Vinna Fitness about four months ago. I’d been suffering shoulder, neck and back pain for some time and it was beginning to prevent me from doing all of the things I love. I’d been lifting weights for many years, but Lani was able to identify how my movement patterns were keeping me from progressing and leading to injury.

We went back to basics with careful attention to form. I started to feel relief from pain within just a couple of weeks, and seeing gains in strength and muscle in less than two months even though I was lifting with less intensity and frequency than before! The Vinna coaches use the Functional Movement process so there is a measurable and tangible way to track progress.

Today I am pain free and I recover faster after activities like Jiu Jitsu and rock climbing. I’ve even picked up some new skills! Can’t recommend Vinna Fitness enough!!

Rebecca K.

They know everything!

I started Vinna Fitness about a year ago. I just turned 55 and finally realized that the body left alone does not get better with time.

Prior to Vinna Fitness, I had been a member of another gym which was very convenient to my office and I NEVER went. I needed a plan. Lifetime had all of the equipment but not the long-term plan. My plan is to be strong and fit enough to enjoy life: skiing, sailing, cycling, etc. After a year, I am well on my>
The big difference with Vinna Fitness is the personal attention from a trainer who understands you, your goals, and your body, and what you’re trying to accomplish. When I started, I was extremely out of shape. The program that they built for me was never impossible never discouraging and always challenging and always moving me onward and upward. Now, I can’t imagine a week going by without my workouts. When I am finished each time, I feel great.

What works for me is that Vinna Fitness is not a giant place with 100 stair climbers where you just show up and do something. Vinna Fitness is where an appointment is made for a class or semi-private workout at a certain time. When left up to me, I will never go. If I have an appointment, I always go.

All of these things about Vinna Fitness add up to success for me. I am stronger, am losing weight, and am better mentally and emotionally. My wife and 23 year old daughter have recently joined Vinna Fitness along with me and they love it. It’s that good.

At Vinna Fitness, I found what I am looking for: Great people who are experts in what I need to do and a structure where I accomplish the goals. I know nothing about fitness. They know everything. It is this knowledge and structure of workouts and classes that is the winning combination for me. It works.

Jeff L.

I consider Vinna a core element of my personal wellness program!

I learned about Vinna from my physical therapist, who was working with me to manage multiple herniated lumbar discs. I have been working with Daniel and Lani at Vinna for a year now, and I highly recommend working with them. While one may start at Vinna for a particular problem, the fact is that everyone's body is a complex system with imbalances and movement dysfunction. One cannot simply focus in on one area without addressing how the whole system works. In my case, for example, flat foot arches and inflexible ankles may have had a cascading effect causing tight calves, hamstrings and hips. This risked forcing my back to absorb more stress than it probably should have, and for a long time! Also, my core was highly under-developed, even though I thought I knew how to train the core with bridges, sit-ups, pelvic tilts, etc. By addressing many of these issues, I have learned to take strain off my lumbar back and distribute gravity and force properly through my hip and leg joints. I call Vinna "total body physical therapy." I am not getting any younger, and I have ankles, knees, shoulders and many other joints that I want to keep healthy for the rest of my life! Just because I have a back problem today does not mean I am not developing a future knee or shoulder problem. Our bodies are dynamic, aging and require constant care. Vinna has been very helpful in teaching me about movement principles and how to care for myself. I have applied what I have learned at Vinna to how I swim, do yoga, sit, walk and swing the golf club. I know many middle-aged people who played college sports or who lead very active lifestyles, and we all rue the fact that we did not know 20 years ago what we know now with the benefit of Vinna coaching. We all recognize that we have not been moving correctly or exercising intelligently, which in all likelihood led to long-term imbalances in our body and eventual injury. Everyone has imbalances. They may be subtle; they creep up on us eventually, like termites chewing up the bottom of your porch. Although the problem may go unnoticed for a long time, one day the porch tumbles! Vinna has helped me identify many of my own imbalances and to start the long -- but fundamental and necessary -- return to overall physical balance. I consider Vinna a core element of my personal wellness program. I think anyone can benefit from working with Vinna -- whether you are a pro athlete, or a desk-bound "weekend warrior" like me. The coaches at Vinna can help you too.

Dave D.



"I would have never thought I would be stepping up on a box with one leg. When I first started I couldn’t even balance on one leg."




"Sixty years of playing golf and always trying to get better. And now VINNA Fitness has exposed my physical shortcomings, set a prescribed path to improvement and in the process I’ve improved my swing.

The Vinna Team has pinpointed my deficiencies and set upon a specific schedule of exercises to improve stability, strength and flexibility. I can swing freely, hit balls without pain, and recover the next day quicker than before. I feel twenty years younger. Thanks everyone…"


Phil H.


"This is my third year working with Vinna Fitness, I am 65 years old and working on mobility and strength training with the coaches. They give you just the right combination of mobility, strength, cardio to help you move forward. I like the emphasis on the functional movement systems of Gray Cook. This has been an eye opener of how the body needs to move properly to avoid injury and work efficiently. Not only do I get training, but education, which I have been able to use with some of my patients as a family physician."


Dave P.


"I have worked out with Jason Green, founder of Vinna, for nearly 20 years. He and Vinna coaches have lead me successfully through the natural aging issues one faces when they desire to remain highly active in their personal pursuits. I have had numerous injuries & challenges along the way: (hip flexors, hamstring, lower back, patella tendon pain, tennis elbow and a full reconstructive surgery for my rotator cuff).

Team Vinna develops customized programs for each person based upon “functional movement” principles. That is, they focus on movements that we utilize in everyday life, not building beach bods. I have learned a ton and am always confident in their work because they stick with their basic core competencies built upon functional movement.

I just turned 60 and fully because of my continuous work with the Vinna team, I continue to heli-ski, golf, cycle, fly fish and hike at a high level. I cannot recommend Vinna enough. I am indebted to Team Vinna for helping me sustain my active life."


Rick L.


"I started at Vinna 6 months ago for chronic neck pain that was causing daily headaches. I am a mom of three young children and at the end of each day had a headache and was exhausted! I started at Vinna hoping they could help since I’d seen how much improvement my husband had with his chronic back and hip pain since starting there. I’ve worked closely with Lani for 6 months who has transformed me! My whole body is much stronger, but especially my core which helps take the tension off my neck and shoulders. I am happy to say I’m migraine free with only one or two dull headaches a week AND off my daily medication I was on for over a year for them. I couldn’t be happier!!"


Christy M.


"Knowledgeable trainers, friendly atmosphere. Really great!"




"This is a great private gym. Personalized attention, collegial atmosphere without pressure or pompous self-important workout freaks."




"Excellent assessments and guidance regarding flexibility, strengthening and re-wiring muscle mechanics. They peel things back all the way down to the lizard brain."


Craig M.


The team is made up of experts in their fields. The can identify issues and corrections very quickly and very accurately. The recommendations and therapy/coaching is incredible and effective.


Greg L.




Keith H.


A nice balance with mobility, strengthening, and cardio workout and seems to get all three into a one hour workout. Very positive and encouraging. They let you know when you are making progress and don’t let you get away with poor mechanics.


Dave P.


Excellent training facility. My first visit was over two years ago to rehab a rib injury. I decided to stick with twice weekly visits when I realized that the strength training I was doing 2x a week was having a positive impact on my running, cycling and mountain biking.


Kathy H.


Friendly and knowledgeable staff, comfortable atmosphere. Much more than just 'corrective exercise'!


Megan S.


Perfect. Work I needed was first analyzed, and is continually reviewed by the way my body responds to various exercises. Produces a subtle, effective exercise program that teaches form first. It is a rigorous program that is sane, subtle and effective. I feel 20 years younger because my body now works efficiently.


Mary L.


If you want your aches and pains to disappear and develop strength and flexibility for the activities you want to perform your best, this is the place. Great one on one training using the very best techniques tailored for your personal situation.


Brad S.


Exceptional staff. Highly tailored fitness program.


Rochelle B.


These trainers are the best. I am working around injuries, and they can spot my weaknesses and help correct them. They do make you do the exercises right, which is annoying when it's happening, but I'm always happy once the session's done. And I always come back for more.


Steve G.


Most effective and cutting edge gym I have ever experienced. The training I have received helps me, my family and friends return to sports (skiing, golf, swimming, running) after surgeries, injuries and various aches and pains. Better results than from licensed physical therapists. Professional people and facility. Your best bet for full recovery and fitness in the Twin Cities.


Ruth O.


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