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About Vinna Fitness

At Vinna Fitness, we pride ourselves on being truly unique and a step above the competition. Our certified trainers ensure you have a personalized plan based on your medical history, which allows you to individually excel. From there, you can begin training and fitness classes for continuous improvement.

Each of our three trainers comes from a sports medicine or athletic training background and is certified in many areas. We pride ourselves most on our Functional Movement Screening (FMS) certification. We chose to add this certification in order to put our gym above the rest.

But how is screening this applied? During your initial strategy session, we will conduct the FMS, which allows us to understand how your particular body moves and functions. From there, we create a detailed, personalized workout plan just for you that reduces your risk of injury while strengthening your body with the proper movements.

Our Mission

Vinna Fitness wants to help you feel better, move better, and look better. We continuously work to make the world a better place one movement at a time.

Our Vision

Vinna Fitness is a sports medicine based fitness facility that coaches, trains, and educates active populations, which empowers them to move their bodies safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Our Core Values

Lead By Example

Our clients will be best served if they have positive examples of a healthy movement lifestyle. We will lead by example.

Service From The Heart

We know enough to care, and we care enough to know.

Growth Through Constant Learning

By constantly observing our trainers and fellow clients, you can absorb new techniques and motivation, which allows you to evolve.


We believe focused effort from ourselves, and our clients, is the only way to best serve client needs.

Team Approach and Atmosphere/Collective

We partner with our clients and other professionals to best support client needs. We believe the client is the hub, and we—and other professionals we work with—are the spokes.


We are thankful to have capable bodies and the knowledge to sustain them. We are grateful to our clients for following us on this journey of healthy movement.

Create Fun

Enjoyment is motivating and sustainable. We strive to motivate clients and sustain their motivation by teaching them to enjoy movement skills.

Let’s Get in Touch

If you’d like to learn more about the movement-based fitness services offered by Vinna Fitness, sign up for a free strategy session and two-week free trial today!


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