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Post Rehab Training

Pain-free, balanced movement is so easy to take for granted. But if you’ve suffered an injury or live with a chronic, painful condition, you know what a privilege it is to move functionally and without discomfort.

Whether you’ve just completed post-injury physical therapy or you’re looking to improve your movement despite a chronic condition, post-rehab personal training is for you!

  • Our personal trainers have extensive education and training in exercise science, corrective exercise, athletic training, functional movement, and strength and conditioning.

  • Our rehab personal training team utilizes Functional Movement Screenings to assess your current condition and develop a personalized, progressive training plan.

At Vinna Fitness, we understand your goals, needs, and limitations are as unique as you are. It’s our goal to help you play to your strengths while improving your weaknesses, so you can enjoy freedom of movement and a functional, strong, balanced physique.

What Sets Vinna Fitness’ Rehab Personal Training Apart?

We deeply understand human biomechanics and sub-optimal movement patterns, and we’re well-versed in improving physical limitations through targeted, corrective, and functional movements.

Essentially, we use traditional corrective exercise principles and combine them with functional training tactics to improve form, function, and exercise execution. This approach helps our clients experience significant, sustainable improvements in the following areas:

  • Range of motion

  • Overall mobility and flexibility

  • Strength discrepancies

  • Muscular imbalances

  • Dysfunctional movement patterns

  • Overall quality of movement

Who Can Benefit From Post-Rehab Personal Training?

Ready to build a strong, functional, more mobile body? Rehab training can get you there – just check out our success stories!

This highly individualized, functional, and corrective style of training is an excellent choice for anyone who:

  • Successfully completed physical therapy after an injury and wants to improve their strength, stabilization, mobility, flexibility, and overall movement.

  • Suffers from nagging aches and pains or dysfunctional movement patterns due to past injuries.

  • Has been away from the gym for years and wants to refamiliarize their body with safe, effective exercise.

  • Has been largely sedentary for some time and wants to improve their physical capacity gradually and safely.

Rehab Personal Training: The Vinna Fitness Process

When you visit Vinna Fitness for post-rehab training, here’s how the process works:

Complete a Functional Movement Screening

The first step in our rehab training process is the Functional Movement Screening, during which we analyze your current physical abilities and limitations. This assessment allows our personal trainers to determine where any dysfunctional movement patterns occur, as well as assess your current fitness level, needs, and goals.

As part of your screening, we’ll also review your health history, so we can develop your personalized, progressive post-rehab exercise program. After we complete your assessment, feel free to take advantage of two free weeks of semi-private personal training, so you can decide if we’re the right fit for your needs.

Choose Your Membership Option

At Vinna Fitness, we offer three membership tiers, each with their own unique gym benefits. When you’re ready to become a member, simply select the option that best fits your needs, and we’ll continue progressing through your personalized program. Check out our membership options here.

Schedule a Follow Up

Once you’re a member, you get the full benefit of our personal trainers’ extensive education and training in functional movement. During your follow-up appointment, we’ll further assess your post-rehab training program and how it aligns with your unique goals. We’ll also help you understand the purpose of each exercise, the design of your program, and how you can help yourself progress at home, too.

Attend Ongoing Rehab Training Sessions

Generally, we conduct semi-private personal training at our gym. However, when a client is recovering from an injury or operation or has physical limitations, we often opt for more personalized, one-on-one attention. Because post-rehab exercise needs are typically different than those of the general population, our personal trainers work closely with you to help you successfully progress through your program.

Reassess and Progress

After you complete six weeks of rehab personal training, we’ll evaluate how well you’re moving through your program and reassess your training protocol. If we determine that program adjustments are necessary, we’ll make them as needed.

Following your six-week reassessment, we’ll make quarterly adjustments to your training plan or, depending on your progress, we’ll adjust it more often. These ongoing plan adjustments ensure you continually improve and expand your physical capacity.

Schedule a Free Strategy Session With Vinna Fitness

If you’re ready to discover what rehab fitness training can do for you, get in touch with our team at Vinna Fitness today. There’s zero risk! To get you started, we offer a free strategy session so we can discuss your needs and goals.

Even better, you can take advantage of two free weeks of semi-private personal training, so you can decide if we’re a good fit!

To learn more about our rehab personal training approach or schedule a session, give us a call at 952-426-3963 or connect with us online.


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