• Free 1-Hour Strategy Session Meet with one of our FMS Certified trainers to find out if Vinna is right for you.
  • Semi-Private Personal Training We train in small sessions of no more than 4 people. Build a community while
  • Free 2-Week Trial We give you some time to decide whether you want to become a member.

Twin Cities Personal Training Program

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People who seek personal training in a semi-private setting do so for their own reasons. Maybe it’s to improve your fitness level, rehab an injury, reduce the risk of injury, or get educated and empowered to feel and move better. No matter the reason, if you’re looking for a personal trainer near the Twin Cities, contact Vinna Fitness.

Our team of certified trainers uses proven techniques to help you improve your mobility. We focus on proper technique and quality of movement. You may be returning to activity from an injury or be motivated to avoid injury while staying active.  No matter your fitness goal, we’ll help you by developing a personalized fitness training plan and teaching you proper form so you can start to feel better in the long run.

At Vinna, our team is collaborative with medical professionals and will develop a movement program to both improve mobility and prevent injuries. We believe in teaching the body how to properly exercise and incorporate free weights, bodyweight, barbells, kettlebells, and a cable machine, among others.

Semi-Private Personal Training

At Vinna Fitness, we’ve seen real results in our clients with our semi-private training sessions. Barring special circumstances dictating otherwise, you will train with up to three others in a small session in a given time frame. Each of the four people in your time slot will work on individual fitness plans with coaching from our trainers, as well as feedback and modification if necessary. These semi-private lessons allow you to excel in a group setting and build a community that encourages you to achieve your goals, and continue on your path to feel and move better for life.

The Vinna Process

  1. Schedule a strategy session
    If you’re seeking to change your life by increasing movement and improving how your body feels on a day-to-day basis, Vinna Fitness may be the best choice for you.
  2. Conduct a Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
    When you arrive for your first visit, you will meet with a coach for a free, one-hour strategy session. After discussing your goals and needs, your coach will conduct a Functional Movement Screen and review your health history to develop a personal training plan that is right for you. Learn more about Functional Fitness Training here. You will then receive two free weeks of semi-private training where you can decide if your personal training plan is right for you.
  3. Decide which membership option works best for you
    When you’re ready to become a full-fledged member at Vinna Fitness, you can choose from one of three membership levels to continue your journey. Check our our membership options here.
  4. Schedule a follow-up appointment
    After you’ve signed up to become a member, we will schedule a follow-up appointment so we can further analyze your individualized plan and goals. We will teach you to understand the design of the program and how to do the exercises. 
  5. Schedule ongoing training sessions
    We can help you find time to work on your personalized program through semi-private sessions. You may request one-on-one training in special circumstances, such as if you’re recovering from an injury or operation.
  6. Reassess after initial six weeks and then quarterly
    Once you have trained with Vinna for six weeks, we will reassess your personal training program and adjust it as needed. After that, we will meet to adjust your plan quarterly or more often, as needed. By continuously evolving your plan, we can ensure you are improving and growing in a way that serves you.
  7. Keep moving better and get stronger!
    By continuing to work with your personal trainer, you’re dedicating yourself to changing your life. With our coaching and constant supervision, we can ensure you are continuously making progress in a safe, monitored atmosphere. We’ll help you improve your life one workout at a time.

What An Individualized Plan Does For You

At Vinna Fitness, we utilize Functional Movement Screens to get an accurate assessment of your fitness levels, as well as your personal medical history, goals, wants, and needs. After conducting these assessments, our certified trainers prepare a personalized workout plan for you, and give you exercises to be done away from the gym, which allows you to feel better daily.

Schedule A Free Strategy Session

We offer a free strategy session and two weeks of free training so you can make a decision. We break down your health history and cultivate a program for you. With your free two-weeks, you’ll receive a strategy session, and two semi-private training sessions per week. Call us at 952-426-3963, or message us on our contact page.


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