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The Benefits of a Training Membership

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By joining the Vinna Fitness community, you can transform how your body moves every single day. When you first visit with a Vinna Fitness instructor, you will undergo a Functional Movement Screen (FMS), where your instructor will assess your body’s movements and develop a training program just for you. No matter if you are seeking injury rehabilitation or you simply want to feel better, Vinna Fitness welcomes all and wants to help. You will benefit from a Membership at Vinna Fitness in many ways, including but not limited to: 

  • Weekly Training Sessions

  • A Personalized Program

  • Unlimited Classes

  • Scheduled Open Gym

Our Classes

Our group classes are unlimited and are a great way to maximize your membership. Each 45-minute class, with typically eight participants or fewer, is coached by a certified instructor to provide the best guidance in a safe and functional environment. 

  1. Total Body: Conditioning
    This workout primarily consists of interval training from moderate to high intensity.
  2. Total Body: Movement & Mobility
    This workout is focused on increasing your flexibility and mobility through a variety of floor movements and bodyweight exercise. You’ll learn movement patterns to apply to your everyday life.
  3. Total Body: Rowing
    You’ll work every major muscle group as you move between the rower and a mix of fun, yet challenging core and bodyweight exercises.
  4. Total Body: Strength
    This full body workout includes a large variety of truly functional movements that utilize Kettlebells, TRX, Sandbags, etc.

What is an FMS Assessment?

When you join one of our programs at Vinna Fitness, we will have you go through a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) before you begin any sort of training. The FMS assessment allows our trainers to better understand how your body moves and functions.

Once you complete your FMS assessment, we will create a detailed, personalized program based specifically off your personal history, your assessment, and the areas you can improve upon. At our facility, everything you do and work toward is based off this assessment and how you performed during it. By becoming a member at Vinna, you can get a top-notch program just for you. All three of our trainers are certified in FMS Level 2, making them experts in the screening and how it can be used to improve everyday life.

What Can Vinna Do For You?

At Vinna, our experienced trainers have spent years helping clients feel and move better. By using individualized approaches, we can help you learn how your body moves, and strengthen it from there.

At Vinna Fitness, our trainers offer a variety of services designed to help each client improve how they feel and move every single day. These include weekly training sessions, a personalized program, unlimited classes, open gyms and more! 

Start Your Program Our Process

Our training staff at Vinna Fitness will create a detailed, individualized personal training program for each client. This program is carefully crafted after our staff breaks down the results from your Functional Movement Screening.

Apply Our Advanced Training

Two trainers at Vinna Fitness studied sports medicine in college, and all are certified in multiple areas. We especially pride ourselves on our Functional Movement Screening certification. This allows us to create detailed, personal plans.

Treat Aches and Pains

Strengthening and maintaining your body can help ease the everyday aches and pains that everyone experiences. At Vinna, your personalized program targets injured or weak areas so you can move and feel better.

Help You Get Back Your Mobility

By utilizing FMS assessments, our trainers can help you target and strengthen injured or weak areas. Our plans break down exercises for you so your mobility and overall quality of life is improved one.

Schedule A Free Strategy Session

We offer a free strategy session and two weeks of free training so you can make up your mind. We break down your health history and cultivate a program for you. With your free two-weeks, you’ll receive a strategy session, and two semi-private training sessions per week. Call us at 952-426-3963, or message us on our contact page.


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