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How Do You Know If Vinna Is Right For You?

Our training techniques are proven to help you feel better and reduce injuries.  We offer a free, one-hour strategy session. We do this because we want to help you understand how our movement coaching can help you move and feel better. We believe awareness is the first stop and we want to help you learn how our services can help you. In this one-hour session, you will complete a personal training questionnaire, provide an overview of your health history, and participate in a Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

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We are FMS Certified

At Vinna Fitness, we utilize Functional Movement Screens. With our certified trainers, you go through FMS assessments before beginning any sort of training. After the FMS is completed, our trainers will design a personalized program for you. The FMS assessment allows you and our trainers to better understand how your body moves and functions. This program is designed to add mobility to your everyday life, as well as add to your quality of life.

But What is FMS?

The Functional Movement Screen is a tool that allows us to objectively see how your body moves and functions. This includes seven specific and crucial movements. When we conduct your FMS assessment, we analyze if your movements fall into one of three categories: optimal, acceptable, or dysfunctional.

Depending on which of the three categories your movements fall into, our trainers will structure a plan that focuses on improving certain areas while maintaining the others. Everything can always be improved, so we focus on getting your acceptable and dysfunctional movements up to par before helping you improve your optimal movements. Once all your movements have reached either optimal or acceptable levels, we can then help you strengthen and advance your movements.

At Vinna Fitness, we use FMS to help you pinpoint and improve weaknesses while continuously bettering your strengths to allow you to feel and move better for life.

Schedule A Free Strategy Session

We offer a free strategy session and two weeks of free training so you can make up your mind. We break down your health history and cultivate a program for you. With your free two weeks, you’ll receive a strategy session and two semi-private training sessions per week. Call us at 952-426-3963, or message us on our contact page.


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