Meet Our Coaches

Helping You Move And Feel Better

Since 2001, the team at Vinna Fitness has been helping clients move and feel better using strategic and personalized programs. By utilizing Functional Movement Screenings, Vinna’s expert trainers are able to develop a training program for every single person who enters the facility. We will sit down with you to learn your history, personality, needs and wants which allows us to effectively push you to hit your goals. 



Managing Partner

Lani has worked in the sports medicine and fitness industry since 1999. Her primary focus is to encourage her clients to continually work toward the exercise goals they have set for themselves, whether that is weight loss, increasing strength, injury prevention or rehabilitation/aftercare of a previous injury.

  • B.S. in Athletic Training & Exercise Science (Mankato State University)
  • Certified Athletic Trainer (NATA)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
  • Functional Movement Specialist (FMS) Level 2
  • Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified (HKC)



Founder and Movement Coach

Jason is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Sports Medicine. As an undergraduate at the U of M, he spent three years with the Men’s Athletic Department as a student athletic trainer, where he worked with the Football, Track and Field, Cross Country, Golf, and Tennis teams. Since graduating, Jason has worked as a Personal Trainer specializing in Corrective Exercise, Golf Conditioning, Sports Specific Enhancement, Injury Management, and Rehabilitation. He has extensive experience working with back problems, as well as knee and shoulder maladies. Since founding CES in 2000, Jason continues to pursue cutting edge training therapy to enable his facility to be one of the premiere facilities in the country.

  • Functional Movement Specialist (FMS) Level 2
  • Golf Fitness Professional (TPI) Level 3
  • Russian Kettlebells Certified
  • CrossFit Certified



Movement Coach

Daniel truly enjoys movement and loves to help clients improve how they move so they can feel better and accomplish more. He believes moving well is fun, rewarding, and a prerequisite to nearly all fitness goals. He specializes in injury risk reduction and performance enhancement and consistently continues his education.

  • B.A. Physical Education (Bethel University)
  • FMS Level 2 Certified
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)

Movement For Life

With years of experience, wholesome and caring core values, and a revolutionary philosophy, Vinna Fitness has changed the lives of countless clients. By utilizing Functional Movement Screenings, Vinna’s expert trainers are able to develop a training program for every single person who enters the facility. After a few weeks of adhering to your training program, you will begin to move and feel better, which will last if you continue the program.

Vinna’s FMS Certification

At Vinna Fitness, we utilize Functional Movement Screening (FMS). With our certified trainers, you go through FMS assessments before beginning any sort of training. After the FMS is completed, our trainers will design a personalized program for you. The FMS assessment allows you and our trainers to better understand how your body moves and functions. This program is designed to add mobility to your everyday life, as well as add to your quality of life.

Not Sure Of Vinna’s Services? Schedule A Free Strategy Session

We offer a free strategy session and two weeks of free training so you can make up your mind. We break down your health history and cultivate a program for you. With your free two-weeks, you’ll receive a strategy session, and two semi-private training sessions per week. Call us at 952-426-3963, or message us on our contact page.



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