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Vinna Fitness is movement, strength, and injury-prevention for active individuals looking to perform their best and avoid long-term injury. Our individualized approach cultivates a plan for you, which allows you to get the most out of your capabilities. Everyone is different, and everyone has suffered physical setbacks in their life. One workout will not help everyone feel and move better, so we have taken it upon ourselves to help everyone achieve their best with the Vinna Fitness Way.

Our History

In 2001, Jason, one of our trainers and owners, created Corrective Exercise Specialists (CES). The purpose of CES was to help aging baby boomers and busy professionals stay active, athletic, and pain-free by using customized fitness plans, rehabilitation, and health and wellness services. In 2004, Jason and CES opened its first Executive Wellness Center in downtown Minneapolis. For 10 years, CES helped its clients maintain a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary training regimen by using the most advanced clinical injury prevention and rehabilitation treatments all under one roof.

In 2014, we decided to move locations and open our doors under a new name: Vinna Fitness. While we maintained some of our previous practices, we changed our overall concept. With our new approach, we still focus on helping clients strengthen their bodies to feel better day-to-day and using the most advanced clinical injury prevention and rehabilitation treatments, but we also added more components. At Vinna, we now focus more on building a community of trust and inspiration. You can now participate in semi-private trainings with up to three other people, as well as small group classes with no more than 10 people. We want you to move and feel better while also having the community to support and motivate you, that’s the Vinna Fitness Way.

Functional Movement Screening Certification

At Vinna Fitness, we use Functional Movement Screens (FMS) for each new client to get a full sense of how each person operates. By utilizing FMS, Vinna sets itself apart from the competition. Our certified trainers conduct FMS to determine how to best create each individual fitness program.

FMS focuses on recognizing movement patterns that occur in your everyday life. By having you complete FMS, our trainers can gain an accurate understanding of how your movement patterns contribute to how you are feeling. Additionally, by breaking down the assessment, we can ensure you understand how your body moves and the best way to alter your movements so you feel better. Utilizing this approach, we help you understand the factors that go into healthy movement and how to apply them in everyday life, not just when you are at the gym. By incorporating your FMS results and your personal goals into your program design, we are able to develop a plan that swill help you move and feel better for life.

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