Every person at some point or another has had a stiff neck. It’s inevitable. We all know how annoying and cumbersome a sore neck can be, and there are plenty of easy remedies for you to try so you can try to become pain-free. However, sometimes natural remedies are the way to go.


At Vinna Fitness, we focus on tracing the source of your pain before treating your pain and strengthening the area, so you can remain pain-free. If you are someone who enjoys trying to fix the problem by yourself before seeking professional help, there are a few things you can do on your own to try to alleviate your discomfort. Here, our certified trainers at Vinna Fitness will discuss easy ways to get the stiffness out of your neck.


If you have a desk job where you sit and stare at your computer or phone all day, you are likely straining your neck by forcing yourself to look down at an awkward angle. Sitting in the same position every day with little movement can also cause your neck muscles to weaken, which will inevitably cause you pain. Here are a few simple stretches you can do to try daily to alleviate the pain you’re feeling:

●        Tilt your ear to each shoulder 10 times

●        Clench your shoulder blades together 10 times

●        Roll your shoulders up and down 10 times

●        Push your head gently against a surface, like a chair or seat, and hold it for 30 seconds

Apply Heat and Ice

If your neck is sore, an easy way to alleviate your pain is by applying ice and heat on a consistent basis. Many experts recommend you use ice a regular schedule for one to three days, before moving to heat sources.


Why ice first? Ice calms the nerves, which can help reduce your pain levels. After you’re done with your ice schedule, you should apply heat from a heating pad, shower, or a hot compress on a regular basis until the soreness is gone. Heat is proven to help blood flow to an injured area, which helps reduce your pain. If you use either of these methods, it’s crucial you don’t fall asleep with ice or heat on your neck, as it can damage your skin or cause injury.

Consult an Expert For Your Pain

At Vinna Fitness, you will find the care and devotion you deserve from our certified training staff. We are committed to holistic health, and we will help you trace the source of your pain before finding a fix for you. For every customer, we conduct a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to ensure we find the source of your pain before creating a plan to help you feel better.

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