Though you can do your own research to see what kind of exercises may benefit you, you might find misleading information that could end up causing you more pain in the long run. When you consult licensed trainers, like our three expert trainers at Vinna Fitness, you can get your pain sourced to the beginning, which can help you feel better over time.

Here, our certified trainers at Vinna Fitness will use a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to trace the source of your pain and work to heal it. Here, we’ll discuss this process and how to know which exercises are best for you.

Are Crunches Good For Your Back?

While some articles or “experts” will tell you crunches are the most effective way to cure your back pain, that’s simply not the case. Crunches put additional strain on your spinal cord and other muscles. While they are not necessarily the worst exercise for you, they are not good in some cases. Crunches and situps typically only affect a handful of muscles in your abdomen while putting strain on other muscles and bones, especially your spine.

Crunches or situps force your spine to curve against a hard surface, which can cause damage. Additionally, crunches directly affect your hip flexor muscles. When your hip flexors are too tight, the muscles, which are connected to your lower back, pull on your back, which can cause more soreness.

We recommend other exercises to make your back pain fade, such as planks, leg lifts, side planks, rollouts, and more.

At Vinna Fitness, we will conduct an FMS assessment to get a better understanding of how your body moves together and what areas need to be improved upon. From there, we will create a detailed fitness plan to help you start to move and feel better.

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