Osteopenia and sarcopenia are two similar conditions that adversely affect your physical health. While one slowly causes your muscle mass to deteriorate as you age, the other causes your bone mass to shrink. Both result in a deteriorating physical condition, which can cause pain and weakness. If you are suffering from either of these conditions, you should seek a proper diagnosis from a medical professional before seeking the assistance of certified trainers to create a training regime to reduce your pain.


Here, our team of certified trainers at Vinna Fitness will discuss both osteopenia and sarcopenia and how they can affect you throughout your lifetime.  

What is Osteopenia?

Osteopenia is a condition in which your body slowly loses bone mass, which causes your bones to weaken. Over your lifetime, your bones breakdown and are regrown with new bone mass. However, as you age, that process slows, which can then lead to osteopenia, which is the loss of bone mass. While this typically does not cause pain, it can eventually cause fractures or breaks in your bones.


Women tend to get osteopenia more than men for a variety of reasons. While there is ongoing research being done, some of the primary reasons women suffer from this condition more than men is because they typically have less bone mass overall, which ultimately means as you age and your bones regrow, there is less mass to replace, which causes the bones to break down quicker. As you age, it is important to remain active and build up the muscles around the bones in your body, so they are supported even if you develop osteopenia. This reduces your chances of suffering from fractures or breaks.

What is Sarcopenia?

Similar to osteopenia, sarcopenia is a condition that develops as you age, which ends up deteriorating the muscles in your body, which causes you to lose muscle mass. Through time, both of these conditions can ultimately lead to osteoporosis. While sarcopenia is primarily found in people who are less active than others, it can also be found in people who are very active, as well.


Over the last several years, many studies have been done to trace what causes sarcopenia. Some factors, such as changes in hormone levels, neurons dying, and more, have been shown to influence the progression of this condition. While most people lose muscle mass and strength as they get older, certain people are affected more than others, which leads to the diagnosis of sarcopenia. People with this condition are more likely to suffer from pain and weakness that can lead to falls. Staying active is a great way to reduce your chances of developing this condition or combatting it if you do suffer from it.

How Vinna Fitness Can Help

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with either sarcopenia or osteopenia, you should consider coming to Vinna Fitness. Our certified trainers have worked with people with all physical conditions, and we can help you move and feel better. We will create an individualized training program specifically for your needs. We pride ourselves on helping each person who walks through our doors meet their specific needs and goals.

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