While there are many ways to get your cardiovascular exercise in daily, there are a few more effective than others. Running, walking, and biking/cycling are often seen as the best cardio exercises you can do. Each one puts different stresses on your body, which, depending on your fitness level and body type, can be a good or bad thing.


If you prefer low-impact exercises for your aging or sore joints, walking or cycling may be the best options for you. However, if you prefer high-impact exercises, you should try running. Here, our certified trainers at Vinna Fitness will walk you through the best exercises for cardiovascular exercise and which ones may be best for you depending on your needs.


Running is one of the most common and popular types of cardiovascular exercise. Depending on your fitness level, goals, and how hard you push yourself, you could burn upwards of 500 calories on every run. Running is often seen as a stress reliever and allows people to see the world around them while staying healthy. However, if you have difficulties with your joints or are not in the shape you deem acceptable to run in, running may be hard on your body. While running is great for your cardio health, it is also notoriously hard on your joints, specifically your knees and hips. If you are looking to take up running and want to train your body to move properly, contact Vinna Fitness today. Our team can help your body adapt to exercises that will make running easier.


Similar to running, walking is also great for your cardiovascular health. While it may not seem like the type of high-intensity exercise that would get you in superb shape, many studies have shown walking is just as effective as running. Walking is proven to tone your body, increase your cardio health, help you remain in shape, and build up your exercise levels. While you have to walk for a longer period of time to get the same workout as a run, it is worth it. Walking is easy on your joints, and you can strengthen different sections of your body by adding inclines on a treadmill or hilly area, as well as add muscle strength carrying weights. Our experts at Vinna can help you walk and feel better with our custom training.


No matter if you are on a stationary cycle or your bicycle riding through town, this is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health. Running and cycling both impact most of the same muscles. For this reason, if you have trouble running because of your joints or other health reasons, cycling is a great secondary option. Cycling can also be more scenic than running, as you are able to travel greater distances. Like running, if you work at a high intensity, you could burn upwards of 500 calories per session. Our team at Vinna Fitness can help you move and feel better to improve your cardiovascular workouts with our FMS assessments.

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