Stretching and moving are the same thing, right? Though the two may seem the same, there are stark differences between moving and stretching. When done together, movement and stretching are the definition of exercise. At Vinna Fitness, we teach our clients to learn how their bodies move, and help them strengthen them with the correct approach. By doing this, we ensure our clients move and feel better for life.


●        Movement

Moving is essential in day-to-day functioning. Every single day, you should begin by lightly moving your joints to get the blood flowing, which is especially useful to ease aches and pains that may accompany sleeping. By lightly warming up your joints every morning, the soft tissue surrounding each joint gets the blood and fluid it needs to soften and become lubricated to avoid any sort of injury.


●        Stretching

Stretching on the other hand should be done after light movements everyday. Stretching is meant to continuously warm up the joints. While there should be a “good pain” with stretching, it should not be painful. A “good pain” symbolizes muscles loosening, which allows you to move and feel better. After you begin your day by lightly moving and warming up your joints, you can then stretch them. Stretching without prior movement can cause injuries.

Combining Them For Exercise

When you combine movement with stretching, you begin exercising. Exercising on a daily basis increases your quality of life and can help alleviate the aches and pains that accompany everyday life. Moving and stretching the right way are key to a happy and healthy lifestyle. At Vinna Fitness, our trainers help you understand how your body moves and functions by guiding you through a series of assessments.


After you complete the assessments, our trainers break down the results by showing you areas you can improve to recover from an injury, move better, feel better, or achieve whatever goal you had in mind coming into the fitness studio. Our certified trainers will show you the proper techniques and give you exercises to do away from the gym so you can constantly improve how you move and feel.

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