Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a highly active adult, chances are you’ve sustained an activity-related injury or two. While minor injuries usually don’t require any form of rehabilitation work, more serious injuries typically do. And, of course, individuals who’ve undergone surgery also must complete a course of rehab work to get back to their normal routines.

Whether an injury or surgery has kept you away from your game or out of the gym, you’re likely eager to get back to your normal training routine. But jumping back into your regular training regimen after extended time away is never a great idea. Instead, it’s best to complete post-rehab training to ensure you approach the process safely and sustainably.

Below, the personal trainers at Vinna Fitness explain why post-rehab personal training is something every injured athlete should consider.

Physical Therapy Versus Physical Training

After you sustain a significant injury or undergo surgery, your doctor will typically recommend a course of physical therapy to help you get your body back on track. But physical therapy is only designed to help you return to your activities of daily living (ADLs) without experiencing pain or significant mobility impairments.

If you sustain a knee injury or have surgery on your knee, your physical therapist will help you restore normal range of motion in that joint. He or she will also help you redevelop enough strength in that leg so you can walk without discomfort.

Obviously, re-establishing proper mobility and strength are key to your recovery; however, what physical therapy doesn’t prepare you for are your athletic endeavors. The stretches, mobility work, and conservative exercises you practice in physical therapy do not prepare you to begin incorporating the high-intensity training you previously performed.

Only post-rehab personal training can help you get back to your pre-injury or pre-surgery athletic endeavors. Physical therapy is a preliminary step, but it must be followed by carefully structured physical training designed to prepare you for more intense exercise.

The Benefits of Post-Rehab Training for Athletes

The primary goal of any post-rehab training program is to bridge the gap between physical therapy, corrective exercise, and high-level physical training. A sudden transition back to your normal athletic routine can cause rapid re-injury or aggravate tissues that have atrophied over time. This is true even if you attempt to re-incorporate a modified version of the exercises and training you previously performed.

With post-rehab training, a highly educated personal trainer assists you in re-establishing your former strength and athletic prowess. The program moves at a sustainable pace, which allows your body to once again adapt to high-level physical activity.

Plus, a post-rehab training specialist can help you identify potential issues that may hinder your recovery. Without a trainer, it can be quite difficult to discover your own strength discrepancies, mobility limitations, and improper movement patterns.

Under the watchful eye of a corrective exercise specialist or functional training specialist, however, you’ll learn exactly where any deficiencies lie. Even better, you’ll receive expert guidance on improving those deficiencies, so you can return to your regular athletic routine faster and more successfully.

Vinna Fitness: Your Twin Cities Source for Post-Rehab Personal Training

If you’ve completed physical therapy after an injury or surgery, post-rehab training from our team at Vinna Fitness can help you get back to your normal training routine. Our personal trainers specialize in corrective exercise, functional movement screenings, and functional training techniques to help you re-establish the strength and mobility you need to succeed.

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