Going to the gym shouldn’t just be about getting stronger, leaner, and more conditioned; it should also be about encouraging (or restoring) normal physiological function. And to do that, you need to be performing mobility training on a regular basis. At Vinna Fitness, we’re more than just another gym; we’re a hands-on team that teaches proper body mechanics, exercise form, and perhaps most importantly, mobility. If you’re not currently including mobility training in your fitness routine, you’re doing your body a disservice, and we explain why below.

What Is Mobility Training?

Before we dig into the benefits of mobility training, it’s helpful to explain what it actually involves, so you understand why it’s so important. First, mobility is the ability to voluntarily move and control a limb throughout its full, functional range of motion.

As such, mobility training is the process through which you teach your body to improve its functional range of motion, whether that’s for a single joint or all of them. Mobility training is often confused with flexibility work, but the two are not the same. Flexibility, in contrast, is simply the ability to lengthen a muscle without discomfort.

Mobility Training: 5 Valuable Benefits

When it comes to performing mobility training, the benefits you’ll derive extend far beyond the gym. Training your joints and limbs to move throughout a full range of motion not only helps improve exercise performance but also dramatically improves the way you move throughout everyday life.

Daily activities, injuries, and even exercise can all decrease your joints’ normal range of motion, which forces your body to compensate for the affected joint(s) by changing the way it moves. This compensation frequently results in muscular imbalances and improper movement patterns that make you more susceptible to injuries, aches, pains, and even joint deterioration. But when you include regular mobility training as an integral component of your fitness routine, here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

●        Reduced injury risk. When you cannot perform an exercise properly due to mobility limitations, your risk for injury skyrockets. But by practicing mobility work on a regular basis, you train your body to move in appropriate, safe patterns, which allows you to achieve the right positioning for each exercise. As a result, your muscles and joints no longer have to compromise for your lack of mobility, which reduces your chance of sustaining an injury.

●        Improved posture. The average American sits for 10+ hours per day, but the human body is not designed to sit for extended periods. Prolonged sitting shortens your hip flexors and lengthens your hamstrings, which triggers an undesirable chain reaction that can result in a weak posterior chain, anterior pelvic tilt, and poor posture (a.k.a hunching). Mobility training helps correct the imbalances that cause muscle weakness and poor posture, thereby improving not only the way you sit and stand but also the way you exercise and move throughout your day.

●        Strength increases. The ability you have to generate strength and power is directly tied to a muscle’s tension and length. To maximize tension within the muscle (and therefore, produce more power and strength), you must be capable of getting the muscle to the appropriate length. Through mobility work, you train your muscles and joints to accomplish this, thereby increasing your strength and power output.

●        Pain reduction. If you regularly suffer from exercise-related aches and pains or even discomfort associated with everyday activities, mobility work can make a huge difference. Because improving your mobility helps improve your posture and overall body mechanics, it allows you to move more efficiently and comfortably throughout a range of activities. Because mobility work also helps strengthen the body, it helps improve exercise form and can even help reduce discomfort associated with physical exertion.

●        Stress reduction. Did you know researchers have found that mobility work helps reduce stress and anxiety? In fact, most types of physical activity provide the same benefit!

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