When most people think of training at a gym, they either imagine ultra-boring treadmill workouts or a bunch of sweaty guys grunting out umpteen bicep curls and chest presses. And if you go to a conventional fitness facility, chances are that’s exactly what you’ll see. At Vinna Fitness, we’re different.

We understand having a strong, aesthetic physique is undoubtedly desirable. However, we also know that building and improving upon a functional foundation is the key to achieving the results you’re after. Below, we’ve outlined just a few of the things that set functional training apart, as well as its positive effects on your everyday life. 

FMS Training Helps With Injury Rehabilitation

Whether you’ve suffered a recent injury or you’re dealing with the long-term effects of an improperly healed injury, functional training can help you bring your body back to a high-functioning state. In fact, functional training actually has its foundation in rehabilitative exercise techniques.

Because it’s low-impact and focuses on quality of movement and proper form, functional fitness guides you to relearn proper movement patterns, which helps you avoid future re-injury. Those benefits extend outside the gym, too, to your everyday life.

It’s unfortunate, but millions of people sustain injuries from relatively simple and seemingly harmless daily movements, such as picking up heavy objects off the floor. But when you train your body to move in healthy, functional patterns, you dramatically decrease your risk of injury from those types of daily movements.

Functional Training Improves Muscle Activation and Memory

Because functional training places a heavy emphasis on form and deliberate, focused movement, it encourages neural adaptations that improve muscle activation and muscle memory.

For athletes, this is especially important because drawing on deeply ingrained, appropriate, and efficient movement patterns is key for improving physical performance. The goal of functional training, both for athletes and recreational fitness lovers alike, is to train the body to automatically produce specific movements when the need arises.

FMS Training Gradually Corrects Physical Imbalances & Limitations

Before you begin a personalized functional training program you’ll undergo a functional movement screening so your personal trainer can identify which movement patterns you need to work on. Your trainer will then formulate a series of exercises designed to improve suboptimal movement patterns, weaknesses, and physical limitations.

As you move through your training program, you’ll practice these movements until you perfect them. And because excellent form is paramount, the continual repetition of such exercises trains your body to gradually correct imbalances, weaknesses, and limitations.

Ready to Learn How FMS Training Can Help You Improve?

If you’re ready to discover how personalized functional training can improve your overall physical performance, it’s time to get in touch with our team at Vinna Fitness. We specialize in functional movement screenings, individually customized training protocols, and semi-private personal training. Our number one goal has always been to help our clients move better, get stronger, and improve their overall health, and we’re here to help you, too.

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