Hiring a personal trainer is a great investment in your long-term health and fitness — as long as that trainer has a strong knowledge base in appropriate technique and instruction. At Vinna Fitness, our diverse team of trainers has spent years acquiring numerous high-level certifications to provide proven, science-backed training advice to each of our clients.

Today, we’re back with part 2 of our list of industry training certifications our team currently holds. When you hire a professional to guide you along your health and fitness journey, these credentials are important for your long-term success.

Fundamental Capacity Screening Certification

A Fundamental Capacity Screening (FCS) is designed to help our personal trainers discover movement patterns that may be hindering your physical performance. When you undergo an FCS test, our trainers will test your ability to:

●        Control your balance

●        Produce power during specific movements

●        Store and reuse energy

●        Maintain pressure on load

Through testing these four fundamental components of fitness, we reveal your areas of strength and weakness, which we’ll work to improve through your personalized workout plan. Through corrective exercise techniques and conditioning strategies, we’ll help you overcome any factors that limit your physical performance.

Certified Athletic Trainer

People often confuse the titles, “certified athletic trainer” and “certified personal trainer,” thinking they’re one and the same. However, the two certifications are vastly different and require different skillsets and education. A certified athletic trainer is a college-educated healthcare professional with multiple skills in the athletic performance arena.

According to the American Medical Association, the Health Resources Services Administration, and the Department of Health and Human Services, athletic training is recognized as an allied healthcare profession. When you work with an athletic trainer, you’ll have access to:

●        Injury and illness prevention techniques and guidance

●        Wellness promotion and education

●        Injury examination and clinical diagnosis

●        Therapeutic intervention

●        Rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions

These professionals focus on improving athletic performance and injuries through a variety of modalities, all of which follow the medical model. Though many people assume athletic trainers only serve sports-focused individuals, that isn’t necessarily true. At Vinna Fitness, we cater to all fitness levels and serve a wide variety of clients using science-backed methods and medically sound techniques.

Kettlebell Training Certifications

At Vinna Fitness, our personal training team holds both Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification and Russian Kettlebell Certification. Kettlebell training is a highly effective method of improving your strength, explosive power, speed, agility, stability, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance.

Crossfit Certification

Crossfit-style training provides an incredible, full-body workout designed to help you increase your speed, power, agility, aerobic endurance, and anaerobic capacity. Our Crossfit certification ensures you’ll receive safe, effective instruction in appropriate exercise techniques, whether you’re an absolute beginner or a more experienced athlete. 

Golf Fitness Professional Certification

Our Golf Fitness Professional certification ensures you’ll receive sport-specific instruction to help you play at your highest level. We focus on identifying and correcting performance-limiting factors through golf-specific training, which includes:

●        Swing instruction and biomechanics

●        Appropriate body positioning

●        Motor control and mobility training

●        Physical rehabilitation, if necessary

●        Strength and conditioning training to help you improve your performance

If you’re ready to improve your performance on the golf course, we’re the fitness training team to help you do it. No matter your current fitness level, we’ll help you take your game to new heights.

Vinna Fitness: Your Source for Expert Twin Cities Personal Training

At Vinna Fitness, we’re more than just personal trainers; we’re highly educated experts in athletic and functional training. Our diverse team holds a wide variety of high-level industry certifications, which allow us to deliver proven, science-backed training that gets you results. Most importantly, we’re always staying on top of the latest developments in the industry, so our clients can continually benefit from our ever-expanding knowledge base.

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