Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you lift weights regularly? If you do, great! But do you practice mobility training? While weight training is great for your strength, bone density, and overall appearance, it may not be enough to ensure your body is well-prepared for everyday physical activities. Even if you’re setting PRs in the gym, that doesn’t necessarily mean your growing strength will prevent unexpected injuries that can result from everyday movements.

At Vinna Fitness, we base our training around sports medicine principles designed to keep your body functioning in top condition each and every day. A primary component of our training philosophy is functional fitness, so today, we’re discussing what exactly that means, and why it’s critical for the health of your entire body.

What Exactly is Functional Fitness Training?

Functional training centers around the concept of preparing your body to perform real-life movements properly. Rather than training your body to move in a fixed plane of motion—like what you’d practice in a typical weight lifting split—functional training focuses on building your body to handle daily movements in real-life positions. If you’ve ever picked up a heavy object and accidentally tweaked your lower back, that incident could have been prevented through functional fitness training.

What Does Functional Fitness Training Entail?

Before you can begin functional fitness training, you must assess your current capabilities and limitations, which is where a functional movement screening comes in. During a functional movement screening, your personal trainer will assess your performance through a series of seven fundamental movement patterns.

The movements are designed to place your body in specific positions that clearly reveal movement, stability, and balance deficits in need of correction. Then, once your trainer knows where your limitations lie, he or she can design individualized mobility training and a functional fitness training program.

A functional program includes specialized exercises that mimic everyday movements, which help you correct muscle imbalances while improving your coordination, balance, flexibility, and stability. As you progress through your program and rebalance your body, your risk of both training-related and everyday injuries decreases significantly.   

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At Vinna Fitness, our goal is to get you seriously functionally fit, not just photoshoot ready. When it comes to physical fitness, we believe your training and abilities should translate outside the gym and into everyday life, where they matter most. After all, how much of your day do you actively spend exercising—an hour, maybe two? The rest of your day, you move, work, live, and play, and our expert trainers are here to help you excel in all of your physical pursuits.

We design our functional movement screenings and individualized training protocols to ensure you’ll get the best possible results for your unique body. And, to help you maximize your success, we’re by your side every step of the way. To learn more about how we can help you achieve your fitness goals, give our team a call at 952-426-3963 or feel free to send us a message on our contact page