Class Descriptions

Our group classes will improve your flexibility, increase mobility and build strength. Each 45-minutes class, with 8 participants or less, is coached by a certified instructor to provide the best guidance in a safe and functional environment.


This workout is focused on increasing your flexibility and mobility through a variety of floor movements and bodyweight exercise.  You’ll learn movement patterns to apply to your everyday life as well as how to effectively use the foam roller.


Burn fat and increase lean muscle with this heart pounding cardio workout.  You’ll work every major muscle group as you move between the rower and a mix of fun, yet challenging suspension or bodyweight exercises.

Total Body Conditioning

This balanced workout is aimed at increasing your strength and cardio endurance through a series of bodyweight exercise. This full body workout includes a large variety of truly functional movements utilizing your core, legs, chest and back.


A fun, challenging, complete bodyweight workout utilizing TRX straps or Superfunctional straps on the Queenax system.

Vinna X

The X workout is designed to hit all aspects of our training philosophy and utilize any combination of workout equipment.  It will be a fun and challenging workout!

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